Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How green!

Well sometimes I wonder why do we have birthdays, festivals or for that matter all those valentine, teacher's day etc etc.

For a simple reason that we wish to celebrate the person or the thing; on that day exclusively and maybe overdoing it in the process and almost are pardoned to forget it/ him/her on all other 364 days of the year.

Maybe not always; the reason my steering shifts to that direction is for something similar we did few days back on environment day. We went out of the way to a far off place in the city outskrits to plant a thousand sapling via a eco related NGO who has tied down with another firm to take care about the welfare of these newly relocated beings till they attain maturity, hmmmp sounds ok enough.

It was a large almost barren piece of land with shrubs and weeds dotting the landscape and potholes neatly dug all around the place so we can relocate our friends to their new dwellings. Gardening as a hobby and that too in a small backyard seems simple and fun but working with spades and trowel in mud and scorching sun is almost a different ball game. We were sweating good enough to water the plants ourselves, while in another corner coconut water sold like hot cakes. The whole thing looked like a fanfare in itself.

The guest of honor mentioned that this drive is part of a bigger drive to plant a million trees in bangalore, wow, that sure is a big number, and we planted a thousand of those today. The only regret, we would never revisit that place to see how those baby fared. Did that place actually become a green spate of land it was envisioned. The deed was done and the day celebrated & the target met, or did we?

In our zest we humans ravel on the chance to envision, begin an idea a movement, but sometimes once we go past the start line we forget why we came there in the first place. The idea of responsibility of owning the task should be fostered till the end.

And maybe for certain things or people we wouldnt need to celebrate them exclusively but each day by simple smaller gestures the deed would be done.

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Blogger Madhooo said...

Absolutely. But I guess they made it this way so that for at least once a year, we would explicitly express our love and gratitude to people and our green friends.:)

Sunday, July 05, 2009 5:29:00 PM  

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