Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hiatus Dot

Its been almost an year or more and to most fellow bloggers (of the year before) I visited I saw the signpost of hiatus either in start or end; for me atleast "the END". Its almost strange that whenever one takes the next step in life the time warps as if few hours were somehow taken back from the day, we get a few more new chores to get involved and the old habits or chores are lost in the run. Ofcourse many would recognise this as a break or timeout for the new things or events just unfolded. But somehow we get so much involved in this run that we really forget on the good things we used to enjoi. There was a time when I was a child and was stuck on spiderman coming on DD and used to cry if I missed an episode and wondered I would ever be someone who misses it out again, and Now when flipping through channels I do come across, it gets flipped as well.

Hmmmph though not the really one of the good things I like to do now but things like playing around, meeting friends more often, spending time with myself. The old list is endless and so is the list we like to do as we move along, so maybe its fair that some things do get lost, but maybe now or more often we should recheck from our checklist of the past, if we are missing on the real things.

Married life sure is different brings in quite a few responsibilities, quite a few new relatonships and ofcourse chores like cooking and cleaning ;) but its fun and you enjoi as long as you keep smiling.

So here's to the new beginning; a toast; Sante!!

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Blogger Viewer said...

Welcome back ! I hope this return of urs will bring more regular blogging :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 1:49:00 PM  

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